Time Traveling With the Onewheel!

With the Onewheel, time travel is indeed possible! As you can tell by the photo, I’ve lept back to the 1990s and brought the best piece of future technology with me!

Blockbuster is one of those epic past locations that tugs at the nostalgic heartstrings. I cannot even count the number of times I’ve ridden my skateboard, bike, scooter, or just walked to the local Blockbuster Video. Nowadays, this isn’t as easy as time travel can be risky and dangerous...just kidding, of course!

The Last Blockbuster

In all reality, the one pictured above is the last Blockbuster on the planet, and I’m one of the few lucky enough to be able to ride there on my Onewheel. One of my favorite memories of riding to Blockbuster is when I took a moving shot of me holding the movie Speed while racing on my board, trying to avoid a late fee.

I have no plans to stop renting from Blockbuster and hope they’ll allow me to ride through the store while making a video or live streaming as I get a rental. Typically, businesses don’t like you riding inside their place, of course, but I’ve also been asked to ride through banks, post offices, etc., and done so *WITH THEIR PERMISSION ONLY!

A guy can dream, right? Who wouldn’t want to float through those long aisles looking for a new flick to rent for .99 cents and blaze out in a glory only a few could imagine! Just yesterday, I had to return a copy of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and I can’t go there by car unless I have to since the Onewheel just makes everything better, especially a trip to Blockbuster. When it looks like you just traveled from the future on a Onewheel back to the 90s to return a movie, it just feels so right!

The Future With Onewheel Is Bright!

Next time, I’m going to put a new reflector kit on and add a different shine to my ride. I’ll give it the illusion of a magical piece of future tech! I cannot get enough of my board and am so excited to get the Onewheel GT as soon as it ships! I’ll be looking forward to all the new Street Shred products, like the Onewheel XR hyperchargers or Onewheel fenders that are sure to follow for this new model!

A new age is upon us, fam! Stay stoked, everyone!

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