This Is Your Brain on Onewheel

Hey, fam! It’s been a while, and a lot has been happening, but I’m still here and riding strong!

Today I’m going to focus on how the Onewheel can alter and enhance your outlook when life throws you a hard hit! Recently, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I only found out after a bad seizure and a lot of lost time. A diagnosis like this would typically crush someone, leaving them wondering how to stay positive and move forward with their life. When it was finally determined I was an epileptic, I was unable to drive, putting a serious damper on my freedom to travel. 

Instead of getting depressed, I took my diagnosis as a prescription for the Onewheel! Little did I realize that all of the neurologists and specialists were incredibly grateful and stoked I chose to float rather than risk other people’s lives by driving.

Taking Control of Your Setbacks By Riding the Board

It took over a month of no driving, numerous cat scans, MRIs, and other tests to get me properly sorted on medications and back to my daily routines. I honestly don’t really know how I would have fared without my Onewheel and the community it has built around me. After all of this, I have come out stronger than ever. I’ve landed two new jobs where I am flourishing and keeping my stress down day after day. 

The Onewheel continues to improve my life in ways I would have never thought possible. It still blows my mind how much the Onewheel has infused itself into my being. It really shows when talking about it to others, spreading the stoke of the Onewheel! I could have spiraled down into depression, and I did hit some lows, but riding truly kept my mind positive and moving forward through troubled times.

The Onewheel Community: Coming Together To Face Adversity

Onewheel is my antidepressant, motivator, muse, therapist, preferred mode of transportation, and so much more! I honestly don’t know where I’d be without this board and the community. I love my Onewheel and want to spread my ever-growing passion for this incredible device!

If you know someone who's been experiencing hard times, let them jump on your board and free their mind from whatever is troubling them. Recently, trail riding has been my love, and the Sidewinders are killing it by keeping the dirt and rocks off my Onewheel footpads. Over the past three years, I’ve had countless people come up to me just to remark on how it made their day just seeing me ride by. 

Onewheel can literally save lives and bring unexpected joy to almost anyone. If you’re looking for some totally awesome Onewheel plus accessories or any other add-ons for your ride, make sure to contact Streetshred today.

Much love and float on, fam!

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