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Onewheeling is different than any other sport, group, or passion I've ever experienced. Riding this board is something that I have owned as a persona, and people in my town recognize me for it now! I'm sure a lot of you have experienced this, and in small towns, it seems to have become more prevalent. 

When I started floating when the Onewheel XR was first released, it was still foreign to people and stood out so much. Now, you may see people here and there riding it, but people recognize that it's the true die-hard fans and riders that stand out from the crowd. I've steered into the curve on this as a lifestyle, geared up to become more visible, and shown my obsession with this stoke machine! I've already touched on the reflector kits that I love to have, which always make my board shine bright.

The next thing I've gotten is a new helmet with LED lights on the back and front. Fast chargers, which you can get here on, also get you back out there faster, as the name says, and are a must-have for anyone in this lifestyle. Included in this blog is a picture of my Onewheel tattoo, which was the second ever done, from all I can tell! Most of my t-shirt collection is of Onewheel shirts, and I'm already planning for more of them. 

Stay Stoked and Float!

The next phase of my Onewheel trajectory is to make a YouTube channel and spread the stoke through that avenue. I'm always sharing information with random people about the board because when you really love something, you can't stop talking about it. That is also why I'm here typing this for you all, to share my love for the board we all collectively are obsessed with! After the YouTube page, I'm thinking of starting a TikTok to show the amazing sites that you can only get in and around central Oregon. The trails and views here will absolutely blow minds on some short clips, and it will be a fun project as well. Anyway, stay stoked everyone, I'm off to charge, float, and repeat!

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