Pump Up Your Rides

Has this ever happened to you?

    “Dude, you ready to ride?”  

“Totally! Where are we meeting again?” 

    “Down by the lake for a scenic rip and then hitting the trails for some dirt action!” 

“Cool. See you in 20 minutes." 

(You throw the rechargeable air pump into the backpack.)


You are stoked! The weather is perfect for weekend riding, the board is all charged up, the gear is ready and in one place for once... and you just received that dope little portable digital OneWheel™ air pump from streetshred.com! 

You’re getting ready to hit up some paved and dirt trails on the same day. You want your tire pumped up to a higher PSI for street riding to get the most out of your battery on paved paths like the one around the lake. But… you also like to have a lower PSI, so your tires can better handle the gnarly bumps and rooty paths in those dirt trails.  

This new compact portable rechargeable air pump by streetshred.com is the perfect solution and an essential piece of equipment for your Onewheel™ gear-pack! Compact and powerful, this pump will enable you to get the most out of your rides, enhancing the performance of both the tires and the battery while also improving rider safety and range — you’ll be maxing out your enjoyment knowing you can easily and quickly adjust your tire pressure to better suit your riding surface. This handy little pump will let you know your current tire pressure and allow for those quick on-the-go adjustments. It also has an LED light and serves as a power bank to charge your phone or action camera. It’s no taller than your typical phone and weighs about the same as a bottle of water. 

Do yourself a favor and pick up one of the most useful items to maximize your Onewheel™ stoke! Spread the word and share that stoke with your friends.  

Tell ‘em, FLOATON sent ya! 

We are here to pump YOU up, OW fam!  

Chris @floatonwv 

Guest Blogger  

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