Pandemic Relief

The Onewheel is probably the best tool and is effective for so many things; my latest find is some much-needed normal in the wild we can be in. I typically ride daily, even if just to hit the store next to me. Winter and the Covid situation have everything feeling hectic and now floating is even more crucial. 

This was even more noticeable when the snow was deep, and I could only ride inside. Getting outside is one thing, but riding is a whole other necessity. I'm using the magical ability of the board to cure the feeling of being trapped inside and also avoid others since I'm riding and less likely to catch a cold or virus. Social distancing is a little easier when you are mobbing around at decent speed and exploring a new spot or old favorite store. 

Another thing I've missed and will be doing soon is night rides. I have the Night Shark fender, and it truly makes it so much easier to see on the street and trails. I can't tell you how many times that has saved me from hitting a pothole or bump. Having lights at this height from the ground allows for a lot more visibility when it comes to a hazard. I go up to Portland, Oregon, for their massive night group rides and have been thanked a few times off on late night trails on the infamous 3rd leg of the ride. This includes a section next to the river that winds through trees and tends to have mud puddles and roots, so seeing saves you for sure! 

I'm already thinking about when I can get back up there; the group is my other family. True Onewheel addicted friends with a love to spread stoke and ride hard! I've stayed up there with a few riders countless times and gotten up to keep riding all Saturday as well. I love having like-minded friends to share this healthy addiction with, growing friendships, and meeting the most rad people. 


Well, till the next time... stay stoked fam!

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