OnewheelTM Stoke Machine

Not only is stoke machine my Instagram for OnewheelTM, but it is also the best description for what the board is and what it brings to the world! 

Stoke is a well-known word in the OnewheelTM community and well-placed for sure! For those of you who are not familiar with this word, stoke is loosely defined as exhilaration or excitement. As a OnewheelTM enthusiast, the ability to raise the stoke level in a random person at any given time while riding is absolutely priceless

I can head on the most mundane tasks, such as going to a local store, and blow someone's mind if they have never seen this board operating. Those from older generations always marvel in awe when they see me float on by. I cannot even imagine what is going on in their mind, seeing as they come from a generation that saw the rise of roller skates, skis, skateboards, etc. Wondering how we are upright and moving forward must consume a good portion of their day. 

Now, when you roll out on your own OnewheelTM, remember that you could be inspiring someone with your stoke machine — you might already be doing so without realizing it! So, make sure you go out and shred it up. Please do so responsibly, so that we don't lose more area to ride. 

I have been riding for years, since the OnewheelTM XR came out, and it never really gets old. To this day, I still look forward to conversations with strangers about the beauty of the OnewheelTM. I could ramble for days on the topic! In fact, I need another board for in-between charging, so I can constantly be riding. Every time I ride, I hear comments like “Woohoo!” or “Do a kickflip!” It’s amazing how much excitement my board can bring others. 

The reason I blog for Streetshread is because of my absolute passion for riding and the awesome community we have been building! My only regret is not getting a OnewheelTM sooner, to be honest. 

With that, I leave you to go shred the streets and trails and show the world what this board can do. Better yet, upgrade your board with high-quality OnewheelTM parts, like the awesome NightShark Fender, from, and unlock new levels of stoke today!

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