Onewheel with VCS: To Freedom & Beyond!


This is just one of the many gifts my Onewheel XR gives me daily. In fact, I can’t even begin to count the ways this little machine has enhanced my life! 

I live in the Pacific Northwest and have access to ample trails and terrain of all types. While most people seem to like mobbing the streets and city, I tend to listen to the call of exploration my board gives me and hit the rough trails. The ability to cover just about any terrain makes this board an amazing experience, taking it to new levels all the time with the "wonder if I can do this.." attitude more and more.

As a resident of Bend, Oregon, the closest place for me to ride is Pilot Butte State Park. This is actually a vent from the many volcanoes that make up the Cascade Mountain Range, and it offers 360° views of the area — not to mention some great riding! There’s nothing more satisfying than blasting up a steep incline and blowing people’s minds by showing them that the Onewheel is capable of conquering anything thrown in front of it (within reason and ability, of course). Plus, using my Nuke Wrap gives off a Tron feel every time it reflects back at hikers.

Phil's Trailhead,  a local complex made up of off-road trails and bike parks, is another favorite place of mine for exploration. But, most importantly, it’s where the Viper Concave System (VCS) really shines!  This spot is typically used for mountain biking, but the locals are open to us Onewheel enthusiasts riding there, likely because they cannot believe we are able to! Berms, logs, wood plank bridges, teeter-totters, and rolls are just a few of the obstacles littering Phil’s Trailhead, but they’re no match for Onewheel XR. The VCS allows me to carve with ease and dodge everything that pops up along the way. 

This pad enhancer has saved my foot from sliding off countless times on random bumps, something for which I am incredibly thankful. The ability to be locked in and have raised edges on both pads is absolute perfection.

Coming from a snow/skate/wakeboard riding background, the Onewheel XR is like all of them combined into one neat little package, and I couldn't be happier! The sense of adventure is real when I hop on my board, and it's what drives me to push harder each day!

To learn more about the benefits of VCS or shop Onewheel accessories, please contact OWarmor (now known as Street Shred) today!

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