Onewheel SideWinders FTW!

Do you love the look of your tires but hate being pelted by pebbles and dirt while riding? Then, there's the pesky and embarrassing wet pants syndrome from the overspray of your bare naked tire when you get caught riding in the rain or on wet pavement. 

Enter SideWinders from StreetShred!

Offering a slick winged-door look to your board while still allowing for maximum enjoyment of that open-wheel experience, the SideWinders Split Fender form is quite possibly the perfect blend of beauty and function in a OnewheelTM fender. Creative designs and flexible material extend the coolness and durability of these partial fenders even more. 

As a trail rider, I can say that not only do these SideWinders perform well as split-fenders, but they're also seemingly indestructible, flexing and deflecting the toughest of rolls and tumbles. SideWinders are both sturdy and flexible, making them ideal for withstanding those inevitable hard knocks on the pavement and the unplanned board-scarring mayhem that comes from practicing tricks like nudges, drops, and slides. Heck — they wear those scuff marks with pride.

So whether you're cruising the streets or shredding those dirt trails, relish your rides in style and enjoy the best of both worlds with SideWinders fenders from StreetShred! Also, check out other OnewheelTM XR accessories and OnewheelTM Pint accessories to pimp your ride. 

See you on the wild side, OW fam! 🤙

Chris @floatonwv 

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