Onewheel Pyrography

You may be asking, what the heck is that? Well, pyrography is the art of wood-burning! Many of us have done it as kids or teens, yet tend to forget all about it as we grow into adulthood. More complex but relatable to many of us is using a magnifying glass to burn something onto a piece of wood. Some of you will have used the pen with a metal tip attached by a cord to an electrical box. Essentially the latter method is what I use, yet it's an upgraded version with many tips that can be changed out to suit the work I'll be undertaking. 

Getting Started

I remember starting to mess around with the basic pen type and getting way into it. After discovering the drive to keep going and create more for myself, I also found others wanting to get pieces I've made! I made a sign for a Onewheel community company, then decided that I wanted to make them for all of the awesome vendors as thanks for the products they make! I started out a while back and have been steadily working on new ones for other people and vendors alike. 

Continuing the Vibe!

Spreading the stoke of Onewheel is what I do best, and my wood art is full of stoke and love for sure! Stay tuned for a Street Shred sign to come as well; that's been in the plans for a while after I catch up on the commissions I've lined up. I typically ride for inspiration when starting a new piece, and that will never change! Night rides and Halloween are so close, and it's time to do another themed board; I'm thinking orange obviously for the Reflector Wrap Kit, and my Black VCS will do the rest!! I can’t wait to see where the inspiration will take me!

Keep On Riding!

Being seen and looking awesome is the way to do it! Right now, I'm about to start a new company, and I'll be posting all about it on my Facebook and Instagram @EvokeArtworks if you want to check out the rest of what I've done. I could also design and make something for you as well! Stay stoked, people and keep on floating!

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