Onewheel Battery Care and CBXR battery

Onewheel™ Battery Care and CBXR upgrades:

The Onewheel™ has a very high-quality battery and sophisticated electronics. To keep your Onewheel’s™ battery at optimal health there are a couple of things to consider.

Do not expose your Onewheel™ to extreme heat or cold.

Store your Onewheel™ in the house where it is temperature regulated. If riding in the extreme cold keep the battery warm in your car before riding.

Battery Balancing:

Onewheel™ used to show the actual cell voltage in the Onewheel™ App, they removed this due to confused customers contacting them. What you should know is that your Onewheel™ batteries need to be balanced. If you do not balance your batteries your board will not have an accurate measurement of how much battery is being consumed. To balance your battery, leave your Onewheel™ plugged in for at least 24 hours once a week if you’re doing a lot of riding and short charging. The more you short charge the more unbalanced the batteries become. There are some 3rd party apps that will show you cell voltage.

Long Term Storage:

When not riding for more than 2 weeks it’s a good idea to store your board with a battery charge of around 70%. Also, be sure to store your board in a temperature regulated area.

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