Onewheel™ Fenders — Fun & Benefits in One!

I started out being very against fenders and stayed on that path for quite some time. Something about the clean look of the tire was great until I began riding trails and anything off streets. Soon after, I found that my home is in the forest and off the beaten path — this can pose a really big problem if you do not have something to catch all that dirt and rock you are shredding! After a few miles, you start to accumulate sand and dirt on your footpads, which can lower your grip on even the toughest surfaces. 

Quickly, I realized the solution was to upgrade my Onewheel™ with fenders. The first flex fender I bought was from The Float Life, but I upgraded to the NightShark Fender from StreetShred, the best online store for aftermarket Onewheel™ accessories, soon after that. This provided me with greater visibility and portability on night rides. 

As the weather continues getting warmer and the sunsets take place later at night, I've switched to the Sidewinder Split Fender from StreetShred. This fender system is absolutely phenomenal and perfect for what I need! I remember seeing this fender a while back and really wanting to get my hands on one. The time finally came, and I can now say confidently that this is the perfect summer fender. 

For me, the mix of being able to see the tread of my tire and also have none of the built-up dirt and rock wrecking my grip is so nice! I should also mention that the material is flexible plastic, so there isn't a worry of busting the fender when you get wild on a trail or try a new drop or trick. I really cannot say enough about this product — they have made my trail riding a lot easier! I'm able to smash corners harder without mud or sand taking anything away from my stance on the pads. Stoke-filled and loving it! 

Once the snow opens some of our trails here, I will be sharing more pics highlighting these fenders and more products to come from StreetShred. If you have a Onewheel™ XR or Pint, don’t hesitate to look for high-quality accessories here. 

Much love, fam! Go get out there and send it with some new gear and the best board on the planet! 🤙

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