Onewheel™ as a Health Enhancer & Anti-Depressant

The Onewheel™ is fun, amazing, and blows minds left and right. One thing this device has been really helping me with lately is boosting my overall mental and physical health! 

COVID-19 has hit everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do. While I lucked out being employed a majority of the time, my mental state started to take a hit. This is where riding my Onewheel™ has been helpful, if not a form of medication. Even when having the most stressful or intense day, I can just hop on and experience every run as if for the first time. This instantly changes my perspective and boosts my mood.

Snowboarding used to be my go-to sport when I wanted to unwind, but of course, that really requires working near a mountain as well as snow lasting for longer than one season. Making the switch to the Onewheel™ XR was an eye-opening experience. 

Since I can ride my Onewheel™ XR  pretty much anywhere and during most seasons, it has become a much more functional and reliable relaxation device. The best part about all of this is that not only is no prescription needed, but the side effects are all positive for the most part. 

A really sweet aftereffect I have been harnessing from riding my Onewheel™ XR is the added creativity! I have been an artist since I could use my hands in any functional way, and while I am riding, I tend to get the best ideas for upcoming projects. Most of my creative juices are used to create Onewheel™-themed art or signs for the many local community vendors who make us the killer products. I do not know where I'd be without my Onewheel™ XR, and I thank it daily for my sanity! 

My Onewheel™ also helps me find relief from anxiety. While riding can and does get addicting, it’s a healthy habit that is beneficial in many ways. I just started a new job in a very technical field, and I tend to ride every day after work to destress and unwind. Reading blueprints can get dizzying, but all that melts away when my feet level out on those two pads. What a truly magical device — I'd be a mess without it in my life!  

If your Onewheel™ is your form of stress relief, make sure to dress up the board with the best aftermarket Onewheel™ accessories found right here at StreetShred. Time to ride! 🤙

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