New Board, New Terrain

As you may already know, we have the new Onewheel GT on the way, and I'm getting really excited to put it to the test! I ordered my GT within hours of its release, and it's coming close to shipping to me already! 

There have been a number of worries and concerns about the pushback of dates that they ship. This isn't the case with my living in the Pacific Northwest. I have gained a ton of patience due to riding conditions being insane and sporadic here. I make the best of my riding time which can be only a handful of months in the year. 

New boards also mean new terrain and the ability to go for distance rides to other towns and charge there, which is mind-blowing. I'm so excited about this as the trails here in Bend, Oregon, can be a little sandy and also minimal places to charge. I love the forest trails here, and the possibility of hitting one in a loop and charging back in town is so enticing. 

I had to finance my board, but it was the same with the other two I've gotten, and my credit score is now soaring from them. Trails can require airing down as well, though, and having a portable electric pump can really come in handy for groups wanting to reinflate after a ride. 

Street shred has you covered there as well! Airing down a few psi can let you rip on the dirt, and some don't know about this little step. Man, the GT is going to change the game with racing and pushing the sport we all love. By spring, I'll be getting up there on the leaderboard for miles; even right now on my XR, I am in the low 100s for top mileage, and that wasn't even trying. 

Excited to see how many I can get with this new ripper; I'm going to make sure to post and review all I can on it as soon as it arrives. Seeing all the latest accessories that will come about will also be sweet; the community always comes through in that area! Stay stoked fam, and get out there!

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