Light Up the Night with Night Shark

The Onewheel obsession is real, isn't it? You want to ride it pretty much any chance you get. In your daily travels, you find yourself seeing random features and varied terrain and think, "Wouldn't it be cool to ride that?" I know I do! Then, there's the night time.

Yes, riding the Onewheel at night can be just as fun as riding during any other time of the day, but you're also dealing with the challenge of not seeing the terrain ahead of you very well, which can be discomforting at the least and dangerous. Carving and shredding the pavement at night is fun, whether you're catching some flat out speed or navigating the bumpy terrain of the sidewalks and hitting some curb drops along your route. But let's face it — nobody enjoys getting surprised by the random pothole or speed bump lurking in the shadows and getting launched like a human ragdoll. Tuck and roll might be your best friend, along with some protective equipment like wrist, elbow, and knee pads. Wearing a helmet goes without saying unless you've got the stuntman-like skills and extraordinary body awareness to naturally avoid a head slam. 

So, you're in the dark and want to ride. If only there was some kind of easy way to shed some light on the scenario, literally. 

Enter the Night Shark Fender system by OWarmor (now known as Street Shred)! With a super sleek design, this tough-as-nails fender offers the normal protection of a mortal fender while adding the superhero characteristics of a strong, comfortable handle AND two convenient side mounts for flashlights to light your way. An optional extender attachment fits snugly into one or both of these side mounts and provides an even wider beam. You can also attach a GoPro style camera onto the extender to properly document your gnarly run. Come to a set of steps or just need to carry your board? Simply pick up your board from the top handle, and you're off.

Seriously, though. The enhanced viewing area offered by the Night Shark Fender system is invaluable for those nighttime rides. Not to mention the added safety benefit of being more noticeable to drivers while you're out riding with the Night Shark Fender system in place.It’s a worthy investment if you have that Onewheel nocturnal tendency.

Step up your street cred and join the street shred team with the Night Shark Fender system. We'll be looking out for you, friends!

Float on...even in the dark!


Chris @floatonwv

Guest Blogger

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