Inside Floativities: When You Can’t Shred Outdoors!

One thing I absolutely love is riding the stokey gorgeous trails here in the Pacific Northwest. We do have a very short season to ride here, so getting all of it is the key, and not much keeps me from getting out there. 


This summer the whole west coast has been facing some really gnarly forest fires, and where I live it's been funneled into our town. The past few weeks have been like trying to float in a post apocalyptic movie at times and is absolutely hazardous for sure. I won't lie, I have gone out with a face mask a number of times.. but it wasn't great that's for sure. 

Beating the Heat

What I have started doing to beat the smoke and save some sanity is to set up and ride inside! It snows here in the winter, and one year I was trying to keep my day streak going.. I remember riding enough inside my little apartment to get a mile and stay in the game. So what I have done lately on the worst days with almost 400 AQI and hazardous ratings, is to set up a course inside! I make the best of what I have, it's not a large apartment by any means but I can do an obstacle course or time trial changing the starting location easily! Setting up some drinks in the kitchen to stay hydrated and always checking to see what Onewheel plus accessories I have on-hand to make my indoor adventure more enjoyable!

Staying the Course

I can start at the front door, head down the hallway and either hit the back room and whip around. I can also add the bathroom and other bedroom into the mix and maybe a teeter totter at some point just to shake it up and keep practicing without having to go anywhere! I have the Night Shark fender and had a fun idea to turn out the lights and do a night run with just those headlights. From my experience the wide angles and brightness would be plenty to add some fun without compromise in safety, yet keep it pumping my adrenaline. 

Stay Stoked and Ride On!

That's what this sport is all about isn't it? Keeping the excitement and changing things up! Stay stokey fam and keep on floating!

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