GT Versus the XR

The Onewheel XR has been my go-to through my years of riding. At the same time, I did own a pint for a while and have ridden the V1 and Onewheel Plus a number of times. I stuck loyally with my XR. With the GT coming before long here, I'm betting this is all going to change. 

While hitting all my local trails and streets, I'm looking for those spots that push the XR limits. When the GT arrives, I plan to retrace my lines and feel how it overcomes all those points of limit. I am excited to see just where this new board will take me and how improved my float will become! 

I have ridden from Bend, Oregon, to Redmond, Oregon, and that was a blast. I'm stoked to see the distance runs I can do as well as take over the mileage leaderboard on the app. On the XR leaderboards for miles, I am still in the low 100s. I will be using the GT for primary transportation soon again, and I am sure I'll be racking up the miles. 

Floating is a killer way to get anywhere and my preference whenever possible. There are so many places I cannot wait to crush without having to jump off or really struggle with, as I do on the XR. 

A few trails here in Oregon have a sandy or extremely rocky section that can be a little too much for my XR, and that will be where I'll start. There is one particular line I ride at Pilot Butte State Park, which is literally a volcano, is just one of the areas that tend to be at the limit. This little dirt trail runs up the side of the road, and unless you hit that sweet spot in speed and acceleration, it's a no-go. With the GT, I don't even think I'll flinch! Going east, there are some spots that are volcanic sand or similar, and it will kill the battery so quickly, and I'll be running a few time trials at each to see the difference!

As always, check out our complete line of accessories, including our float plates for Onewheel XR and the GoPro extender!

A whole new world is about to open up, and I'm ready!! Stay stoked everyone!!


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