Floativation: How the Onewheel Breeds Inspiration

Taking your OnewheelTM board to new places can be one of the best ways to boost your inspiration and that of many others! To this day, it’s common to see people staring and pointing at this magic device in awe and delight. 

This blog's photo was taken at a very small family bonfire with some little ones who had never seen a OnewheelTM prior to this experience. I was using a Lensball for the effect in this picture. The first time they saw me riding was at night with the full NightShark headlight setup. The kids were transfixed as I magically floated towards them while, in reality, I was rolling across a very uneven yard. 

It was great to let each of them grab the handle on top of the fender — which they loved — flip the lights on and off, and show them the nuke wrap and app for the board. The kids were instantly hooked and inspired for more, and that's only part of the beauty of OnewheelTM

To this day, after almost four years of riding, my board still inspires me. Sometimes, when I am at a standstill in my creative process or stressed out, all that is needed is to hop on my OnewheelTM XR and float around! 

Since the snow and rain have hit, my floating has been concentrated more in the city and less on trails. Riding in the city provides me the opportunity to cruise by people with whom I share my love of riding and explain how the board works. While out on these rides informing the masses, I tend to get some of the best art inspiration and have to jot something down mid-ride. Floating just seems to get the creative juices going and is almost a form of meditation for me and many others!

Floativation: the word of choice to express the mix of motivation and floating just seems to encapsulate the feel so well. 

I could honestly go on and on about this and will definitely have more to share soon. As I finish this blog, the urge is strong, and I am already getting excited about taking my OnewheelTM XR for a ride. Take care and float on everyone!

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