Breaking into the Mainstream

Hey float fam, it's that time again, and I'm back again with more Onewheel on the brain! Let's travel through time a little today and talk about Onewheel when I started versus now. 

I wanted to snag a Onewheel when I first saw them come to be, but unfortunately wasn't able to get the Kickstarter or the plus. I was right on it when the Onewheel XR came out and had one of the first ones out there. 

Since then, I have clocked over six thousand miles on my lone XR and had bought and sold the original Pint. As soon as the GT was released, I ordered one and now am patiently awaiting it being sent into the wild, where we can smash on it for even longer rides! Just recently, since the Onewheel GT has had billboards and actual commercials on tv and online, I've had much less of the typical "Woah, what is that?!" or  "Did you make that at home?" and a lot more "oh sweet a Onewheel, great day to ride huh?" or "My roommate has the original of that!". 

I love everything about the Onewheel and all the interaction that comes with it; it's one of the best social sports I have had the pleasure of being involved in! As we move into the mainstream with the board we all love, it is becoming much more possible to see this become a sport. We have races, competitive yet fun. Even trick competitions and events where I have traveled from Oregon to North Carolina to compete. 

The biggest thing I noticed was the names backing it even 2 years ago, Red bull sponsored Float Life Fest's race when I went, and that was huge! I can absolutely see this becoming an X-Games deal as well as the Olympics of things keep at this pace and stoke level; if hackie sack and others can be involved, of course, it is only logical that Onewheel gets there as well. Of course, a few things need to happen for that, such as ruling for tricks and whatnot. But I am excited to see this sport grow and fluctuate into a living, breathing, fully-fledged sport like we all crave! 

Next time you ride, clock all the people who don't know about it against the ones who do, the shift is here, and I'm stoked about it! Remember to check out our exclusive line of accessories for your Onewheel too! From our Onewheel pads to Onewheel Pint side rails, we have the add-ons you need to make your ride truly unique!

Till next time... stay stoked everyone!!

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