Be Seen with the OneWheel™ NightShark Fender!

Visibility is key when riding these days. 

I typically ride in Bend and Portland, Oregon, where there are so many vehicles, road hazards, and other riders out and about. Even when mobbing the streets in the daytime, cars can absolutely miss you riding and put you in danger of being hit. I truly cannot count the number of times a driver has been oblivious to me. 

Riding with the OneWheel™ NightShark Fender and the blue Nuke Wrap from on my rails gives me more safety on the road. When car headlights scan over my board, the NightShark fender takes on a Tron vibe and lights up brighter than any LEDs! This is really great since most of our group rides in Portland are at night, which also lends to the weird feels we have here! Some of these night rides include up to 60 riders with costumes and lights, making our visibility factor even greater. 

The NightShark also helps in crushing the darkness and making potholes visible for all with its killer headlights! I've actually started to scout some trails at night without feeling like I'm going in blindly. The two headlights for the NightShark stick out just enough and wrap the light around your leading foot, extending the overall range of sight. You can also find a flashlight kit for your OneWheel™ on if you’re interested in lighting up the night even more. 

Both of these products — the NightShark Fender and the Nuke Wrap — make a great pair for anyone, and the Nuke Wrap comes in tons of different colors to make your color scheme pop.

Well, stay safe out there and be seen! Snag yourself some safety at night and keep on mobbin’! 

Kiel Hart


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